App Store creates a demand for simple videos


The Latest…September 17th 2014

Apple has announced that app developers will be able to upload a 30 second video to iTunes Connect to help them stand out in the App Store, from the 17th September 2014.

Apple’s guidelines are very exacting – between 15 and 30 seconds, no humans, no hands, just clever demonstration of the app features, functionality and interface. Music, voiceovers , graphics to enhance the navigation, copy to give context are OK.

Apple is encouraging their app owners to do this themselves using tools like Quick Time player and iMovie but Wooshii’s video maker community can help.

What you, the App owner, will need to think about is the content – the script and storyboard, you only have 30 seconds, what are the key 3-5 features that differentiate your product experience?

If you include Apple App Preview in the title of your project, we will ensure that the right people have the Apple guidelines.

When posting your project select animation and ignore the budget guidance – this is a simpler project than a bespoke animation.

Post to Wooshii’s video maker community of 10k here.

Beyond the Brand Lab

Beyond the Brand Lab

Beyond the Brand Lab – making it real

I am a very fresh ex-Googler, still experiencing a sense of inertia at not getting 150 emails day and still forgetting to eat breakfast before I leave home.

I was at Google nearly 8 years and spent the last few rolling out Brand Labs (among other things) for a whole bunch of clients. They can be quite exhausting events, being magic for entire days. There is a huge appetite to tell TV-ad-like stories for the first time, to create better content (how are businesses selling $10K holidays with 5 photographs and a map?) develop YouTube channel content and use video for remarketing in clever and personalised ways. Everyone comes out buzzing and full of big ideas.

A huge obstacle for me and my pals was production.

It’s video but it’s not a million dollar ad. Suddenly we have digital guys, online marketeers, even PPC bods, definitely MDs with the job of producing video for the first time OR needing lots of it – and certainly not doing it with million $ budgets. So the great Brand Lab aspirational ideas fall further down the to-do list.

As a Googler, my colleague Anna and I put on events like Meet the Producers where we invited innovative, unconventional production outfits to pitch to our clients where they answered questions around what their process was, how long it would take, how much it would cost. We heard from crowd-sourcers such as Mofilm, stock-imagery companies such as Getty Images, YouTube channel content producers. We also heard from Wooshii, which is a marketplace, like Airbnb, but for video production. It has 11K video-makers, as well as the benefit of setting your own budget.

The reaction to and popularity of Wooshii’s proposition – and the number of clients who went on to use them – was so stunning I thought …hmm there is something in this. And I joined them. Anna did too.

Rentalcars were one of those clients doing this stuff for the first time. Here is what they made happen.

So whilst we are a fashionable, scalable self-service marketplace, we do have humans. You know where to find me if you want to talk about making stuff happen.

Select A Winner by Friday 23rd May and Pay No Fees

Select A Winner by Friday 23rd May and Pay No Fees

At Wooshii we work hard to connect buyers with the right people to get their videos made. We want as many videos made via Wooshii and our 10 000 awesome creatives as possible!

To this end, we have decided to test whether our fees are a turn off when it comes to picking your final winner.

So how about this: if you choose a winner for your project in the by Friday 23rd May, we will refund your buyer fees!

This is a one-off test, so get in there and grab it while it’s hot!





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Phil Nottingham – Startup Video Strategies (Interview)

Phil Nottingham, Distilled’s video strategist talks video marketing

Wooshii CEO Fergus interviews Phil Nottingham from Distilled on how startups can make the most of video in their marketing. This video is for startups and new businesses who have considered video but not quite found a way to make it work for them yet

Watch the video as Fergus and Phil help you figure out:

  • 00.40 Young startup companies going into growth phase – where does video fit?
  • 02:50 Content as the bread and butter of marketing
  • 03.15 Defining problems that video may or may not solve
  • 04:45 Looking at the unique value of video in reintroducing the human element to marketing
  • 06:50 Video as a way to convey emotion via music and image
  • 08:00 Onsite vs offsite video – understanding your video channel strategies
  • 10:00 A lunatic analogy about football and marketing funnels
  • 11:15 Youtube as a channel – 3 big things startups need to know
  • 14:00 Unique content – are you using the correct definition for your marketing videos?


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If you enjoyed this video, you will also enjoy the first in this series with VC Permjot Valia talking about what he wants to see in a pitch video and the second with Phil Baker, the investment analyst at Crowdcube, talking about getting the most out of crowdfunding videos

You can follow @philnottingham on Twitter. He is delightful


Buyers Tips For Being Successful With Wooshii

Buyers Tips For Being Successful With Wooshii

Once your video or animation project is live on Wooshii there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that you get great pitches and find the perfect creative to work on your project

  1. Respond as much as you can - the more dialogue you have with the creatives the better.
    A great way to kick off a conversation with creatives you like the  look of is to post a question on their pitch

  2. Take a look at some of the creative profiles and ask some to pitch in the comments on their profile page. Be sure to include your project url

  3. Once your project pitching period finishes you can pick a winner. Check out their previous work on their profile to get an idea of style and quality.

  4. If in doubt, ask. The clearer you are with your creative the more likely you will be over the moon with the end results!

Don’t forget – we’re here to help! If you get stuck then just ask .