Five Versatile Tools For Adding Excitement To Your Videos

Video allows you to communicate visually with your visitors, which can have a surprisingly powerful effect. Many people have used online video to persuade, spark a conversation or make a sale. The most successful videos share a sense of excitement when viewed by the right audience. If you aren’t sure how to turn a routine or straightforward idea into an engaging video, playing around with a few of these simple tools will give you plenty of fresh and new insights to start with.

1. Stoome

If you’re short on ideas, it may help to play with the work of others to find inspiration. The Stoome video collaboration tool allows you to mix and match clips from other users to create something unique. Whilst you won’t be able to use these clips for a professional video, you could put together something that illustrates your vision to a professional video producer.

2. Common Craft

Cut-out and animated videos are fun and easy to create with Common Craft. Joining gives you access to a library of little cut out figures that can be dragged and arranged around an interactive screen. You could create a quick outline that is easily converted into a complete professional animation.

3. Prezi

Making a video for a business presentation or school report is a snap with Prezi. Once you master the tricky controls, you can complete major reports and explore the data within in an interesting way. These presentations also work well when you need to explore a business plan or other idea in depth with a group.

4. Camtasia

For most screencast videos, you will need to capture a raw feed of your demonstration or process for your video creator to edit and polish. Camtasia is one of the most powerful tools for making screen capture videos. It works on both PCs and Macs now and has the tools for basic annotations. You can also record narration and add it to the video with the programme’s tools.

5. Magisto

Running some of your current video clips through Magisto could give you a ton of new ideas for future content. This simple tool processes raw material and it chooses scenes to put together based on an automatic scanning system. Seeing what the algorithm picked as your best material will really help you expand your video experiments in new directions.

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