Leveraging Pinterest to Increase the Power of Video Marketing

Although 2012 was definitely the year of internet video, it was also the year in which Pinterest rose to prominence and widespread use. This relatively new social network allows users to pin their favourite content. Friends can view the items pinned by their associates or famous users that they follow. Whilst much of the content found on Pinterest consists of photos, the platform is also ideal for sharing video clips hosted on any platform. You should create a strategy for using this network to make your existing and new video clips more popular and widely seen.

Major Traffic

Many companies assume that Pinterest isn’t worth investing in, but recent research shows that the website has risen to become the fourth largest source of traffic on the internet. It hasn’t quite climbed to the power of Facebook yet, but it is catching up quite quickly. The number of referrals provided by this network alone has eclipsed the ratings provided by LinkedIn, Youtube and Google+ combined. Pinterest is browsed by active online shoppers, so many pieces of content hosted there can spark new sales if they become popular.

Four Tips For Using Pinterest Properly

  • Link to your company website in the description field on the Pinterest post. When a random viewer clicks on your post, they will only visit Youtube unless your video is hosted on your own website. A link will help them make the jump to your website after they finish watching.
  • Create clear and inviting video thumbnails for your posts. You can control which image appears, unlike with Youtube and Facebook uploads. The thumbnail should be the same resolution as the video itself, so it can be scaled to various sizes by the website.
  • Include the term, ‘video’ in the titles and descriptions on all of your posts. Many Pinterest viewers will search specifically for the content they want to view. It’s much easier for them to locate your content when you use the right terminology in your written information. Don’t forget other keyword phrases related to your industry or product.
  • Share other content produced by your company. If your blog features an infographic, share it on your Pinterest page. You can also build interest by sharing the work of others that is related to your topic. However, avoid pinning the videos or photos of direct competitors.

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